domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

A Simple Wish.

Once someone asked me what I would like to have in my life, the answer could be anything, any wish, does not matter the size, the price or the conditions. Logically when a person asks this to another one, the first thought in people’s mind is the material desire, professional growth or something similar. However this question would never receive an usual answer from me, because my desire is about all my human condition and all the things surrounding myself. It’s connected with my heart and my spirit, it needs an universal overview upon the reality I am inserted; and the only thing able to express this personal purpose is peace.

I wish peace for every second of this life, since the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed, peace with myself, the others, the nature and all the individual elements around me, because only on this condition a human can have free way to self progress, and it’s the base to rise collective evolution. It’s impressive how the humanity wastes time and loses the opportunity of building this free way to make this planet a better place. While a big slice of the global population still searches for something to eat or to drink, another slice is fighting for selfish and negligible goals. Each bullet fired irrationally means a plate of food away from who needs, and each death without reason is one potential good human lost.

It feels like our race only needs a light to shine over this sad darkness which still sustains so much war and misery. Poor man, he does not know the only thing he has to do is opening his eyes to the natural movement of the life and stop this retrogressive egoism which keeps our society in a big and cold hole. When our eyes finally look up and see this marvelous world where we are, then our civilization will discover the infinite beauty of our universe, of the details, of the perfection which was unlimited borrowed aiming the development of the ones who live on Earth.

However my faith keeps alight, because I know something is happening, and happening quicker than ever before. It’s reaching each being of our world. In a few decades we will be able to look behind and contemplate how things were amended. But during this time the work has to be done with patience, love and care. Someday we will finally enjoy a world of peace, not a half world as it is today, but a full Earth, home of rich and great life, land of a future paradise of growth and compassion. This effort has to involve all the good souls who aspire a revolution of peace, and it will come as fast as we work hard.