quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

Global Fraternity.

How different is a Chinese compared to a Paraguayan? What about an English person compared to a Mexican? A Japanese compared to a Cuban? Since my early teen years I have been wondering how different people worldwide are. How do they think? How do they feel? Why people in Brazil say Europeans are cold? Europeans are not cold; they are just more private and deeper in their relationships. Brazilians are warm indeed, but in some cases they can be annoyingly warm, I would place myself between the two extremes, not so cold, not so warm, just between; imagine what you want out of it.

On my pursuit to answer those questions I left Brazil for the first time in 2011 for a volunteer year in Scotland together with people from different nationalities (Germans, Koreans, Hungarians, Scottish, Canadians etc), that was a great experience and I could for the first time live-in with non-Brazilian people. After a few months I came to the conclusion that, wow, we are all the same! Naturally we have our own individuality, no doubts about it, however we are fatally on the same human/spiritual race, we have the same emotions, we live similar dramas, we get happy for the same reasons and sad also for almost identical reasons, later on I could even more observe it as I gradually had other experiences in college with foreign students.

Indeed our cultural background makes us feel slightly far apart superficially, but in the end, once you have a chance to explore someone else from another country you will see how close we are to each other, how we are all humans even though we were born in a developed nation or not. When we are teens we try to adjust ourselves and have friends, when we are young we want different experiences, as more as we get mature we live the same adult issues and it goes on until the end. Thus we can also conclude that wars put in evidence how big our lack of communication and understanding is, and especially how vulnerable we are to insane ideologies, such as nationalism, socialism and also extreme worship of some religions that enchain so many nations in misery and suffering.

The nations of this planet might look on very different stages of development; a rich guy from New York might think he is light-years away from a poor farmer in the countryside of Bangladesh, but if we look upon an universal point of view, considering the Earth’s age and our short history we can quickly conclude that those two persons are actually very close and connected, and the grand grandfather of this rich guy was also a farmer trying to survive in the middle of nowhere. Overall we are all very connected and chasing the same purpose: happiness and well-being.

That’s why racism is something so stupid once you think about it rationally, it is even unnecessary to say that globalization will slowly defeats it until a point our culture and skin-color will be nothing more than a reason to celebrate the diversity and the richness of our planet’s beauty. When I think about racist people I realize how poor and fool they are for not enjoying the opportunities of living in harmony with people that could bring them a different point of view or any other thing to enrich their lives. I am not here trying to defend minorities; I am just standing for logical thinking.

I will probably not be here when this planet lives as one and without borders, it will still take some centuries to be accomplished, but for sure there will be a point when all of us will agree with each other and no more hate will lead us to violence, tyranny, persecution and consequently suffering. However I believe I will still be alive out of this body and have a chance to admire this age of peace and global fraternity.

In honor to the victims of the terrorist attack against liberty that took place yesterday in Paris.

(This text might contain a lot of English mistakes, grammar and some parts can look weird for a native speaker, writing in English makes me lose 80% of my vocabulary and sensibility to the words, however I'll only get better trying, thanks for the patience)